Posted May 13, 2011

So youíre planning to move to a new city and are not sure where to move. How do you gauge which neighborhood is right for you? Sure, you can get the closest place to your office, school, or family, but what if you come to find that the neighborhood you really love is on the other side of the city, and you still have nine months on your lease? As it turns out, there are a few tricks to learn more about neighborhoods before you move into them which can help you join the neighborhood thatís right for you.

Wiki it. City Wikipedia pages often have some information about neighborhoods. They will usually tell you about the most historic areas, the richest neighborhoods, and the most popular places to visit. Look into these neighborhoods by punching them into your browser and looking for their website. Most large neighborhoods will have a dedicated site, and if not you will undoubtedly find a site dedicated to it by someone who has lived there for a while.

If you donít like any of those neighborhoods, try using services found on apartment searching sites, such as Rent Jungle, to find out more information about apartments. A lot of these sites will have dedicated information about certain areas including rent averages, crime rates, and general information to keep you informed about what you might expect.

Finally, use those long hours spent on Facebook and Twitter to good use. Social media sites are great for getting individual feedback on neighborhoods, the type of information you generally will not be able to find elsewhere. Find the city page and ask around about where people live and how they like it there, ask about the best places, cheapest places, whatever you happen to be looking for. You might even be able to ping bloggers about some questions too, and theyíll most likely love to tell you about their favorite neighborhood.

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