Posted May 09, 2011

Do you ever find yourself at the mercy of a bad roommate? Is your sink piled high with dishes, the trashcan overflowing, and the bills inconsistently paid? Have you woken up at the sound of a party happening just a few feet away from your bedroom? Are your delicious leftovers inexplicably missing from the fridge?

It sounds like you have a case of the bad roommate. But donít worry; there are still ways to deal with this dilemma. Believe it or not, there are tried and true ways to get your roommate to shape up or ship out.

5. Talk to your roommate. Maybe he or she hasnít had the experience of living with a loud, messy, grouchy, or otherwise unpleasant roomie before. If they donít know what habits bug you, they probably wonít adjust them.

4. Adjust your own habits. If you are a neat freak and your roommate is even slightly messy (or vice versa), you can bet your sweet OCD that there will be issues. If you are the neat freak, try setting up clean borders around the house or scheduling cleaning days for the two of you.

3. Chat with your friends and family about it the issues. The annoying things about your roommate might just be side effects of having any roommate, meaning that itís just something youíll have to get used to. The best way find out is by bringing some of these issues out of the dark and into the light of trustworthy friends.

2. If your talk with your roommate didnít solve anything and has in fact gotten worse, ask them to move out. If living together is too hard, or is otherwise keeping you from leading a happy and successful life, asking them to leave might be a good solution. Sometimes you might find that two roommates can be better friends if they donít live together. This should, however, be a last resort.

1. Move out. Thatís right; if you are serious about the pending issues in your living situation, change them by finding a new one. You might not necessarily even have to cite the reasons you are leaving if you are worried about hurting his/her feelings. There are plenty of reasons to want to move out, and it will definitely solve the bad roommate issue for you. If you can handle it, stay until the end of the lease before moving out. If not, speak with the landlord about it before taking off, just to be on the safe side.

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